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A versatile and refined space designed for you

At the center of AR Suites & Art is MOSS: a multifaceted environment, designed to host your exclusive events and meet your highest needs, thanks to its ability to transform according to necessities: from a gourmet restaurant for suite guests, to a room for your high-level corporate dinners, up to a venue for contemporary art exhibitions.

The impeccable versatility of MOSS and attention to detail make it an ideal space to realize your unforgettable experiences, such as private show dinners or prestigious tailor-made receptions. MOSS is designed to be the meeting point between style, taste, and culture, where luxury meets art in a harmony of shapes, lights, and precious materials selected to amaze.

MOSS, therefore, is a place where you can be captivated by refined hospitality, designed to surprise and exceed your expectations, and make your experience with AR Suites & Art unforgettable.



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Not just the city:

From short to long-term stays, whether it's an overnight stop in the city or a month-long mountain retreat, to work-related mobility, AR Concept Life aims to simplify all the steps that separate you from your ideal living situation, offering a heightened sense of comfort. This is innovation in living.

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