Living Bergamo

Parco della trucca

A green oasis where you can rediscover contact with nature, right at the city's gates

Within this expanse—Bergamo's largest green lung—one is enshrouded by an almost bucolic ambiance, offering a respite from the perpetual tumult of urban life.

Depart from the cacophonous chaos of the city and walk along the park's pathways, accompanied solely by the rustling of leaves and singing of birds. With each step, one is greeted by luxuriant meadows and ancient trees.

This park is an invaluable, readily accessible haven—a milieu wherein you can indulge in interludes of silence and repose, good for body and mind, lulled by the ceaseless ebb and flow of Mother Nature. Allow yourself to be enraptured by the park's wonders, surrounded and embraced by Bergamo's mountains, to rediscover the sublime essence of simplicity and decelerate the pace of life, yielding to the numinous aura of the present moment.

Not just the city:

From short to long-term stays, whether it's an overnight stop in the city or a month-long mountain retreat, to work-related mobility, AR Concept Life aims to simplify all the steps that separate you from your ideal living situation, offering a heightened sense of comfort. This is innovation in living.

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