Living Bergamo

The social theather

A stage of emotions and history

In uptown Bergamo, you can find a jewel of rare beauty and allure: the Social Theater. This historical edifice, situated in Piazza Vecchia, serves as the nexus for the city's cultural and artistic life, and bears witness to its past and present glories.

Inaugurated in 1808, Bergamo's Social Theater is an architectural tour de force in the Neoclassical style, designed by the architect Leopoldo Pollack. Its elegant lines and the sophistication of its interiors reflect the importance this venue has held in the cultural tapestry of Bergamo.

A visit to the Social Theater is a gratifying and engrossing experience that allows one to unearth a historical site in Bergamo, replete with authentic culture and emotions. The expansive auditorium, with its sumptuous furnishings and invaluable frescoes, transports you into a realm of elegance and refinement, where art and beauty are the undisputed protagonists.

Recently, the theater underwent significant restoration, rejuvenating its splendor and enhancing its spaces, rendering it even more welcoming and functional. The Social Theater of Bergamo symbolizes the city's ardor for art and its dedication to culture: its presence serves as a constant reminder of the importance of cultivating and preserving our artistic heritage so that future generations may continue to relish the inestimable gifts that art and music can bestow.

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