Living Bergamo

The tower of Gombito

An iconic monument in Bergamo, it stands tall as a witness to centuries gone by

The Torre del Gombito, an ancient medieval construction located at the intersection of Via Gombito and Via Mario Lupo, stands as an emblem of the city and a totem to its glorious past.

It is an unaltered architectural gem, deeply rooted in the 12th century. Rising to a commanding 52 meters, it remains the tallest tower in Bergamo, a silent sentinel attesting to the city's medieval gravitas; its formidable stone and brick walls narrate tales of power, rivalries, and noble families in perpetual contention for territorial supremacy.

A visit to the Torre del Gombito is an exhilarating and evocative escapade, an opportunity to plunge headlong into the annals of history, to feel a palpable connection to a distant past yet still resonant within the very stones and ambiance of this exceptional building. Ascending its vertiginous steps evokes an anachronistic journey across centuries, resuscitating the experiences of those who trod the very same stairway before us. The view expansively sweeps across the entirety of Upper Bergamo and the subjacent plains, furnishing a panoramic tapestry of both natural and architectural splendors that define this city.

Not just the city:

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