• Living Bergamo

    Beyond the beaten paths

    Bergamo is a city that offers pleasant surprises, especially to those who want to explore beyond the usual attractions and the most famous and touristy places. Forget for a moment Piazza Vecchia, the Cathedral, and the Venetian Walls, and let yourself be conquered by unexpected views, vibrant neighborhoods, and atmospheres of bygone times. Bergamo's charm lies precisely in these unusual places, within reach but not always evident: follow our advice, let yourself be surprised, and Bergamo will not disappoint you.

Not just the city:

From short to long-term stays, whether it's an overnight stop in the city or a month-long mountain retreat, to work-related mobility, AR Concept Life aims to simplify all the steps that separate you from your ideal living situation, offering a heightened sense of comfort. This is innovation in living.

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