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To live in Bergamo as a local, discovering it at your own pace without forgoing any comfort—that is what AR Boutique Apartments offers with its curated selection of apartments nestled in the heart of the historic center. These are exclusive living arrangements designed for extended stays, ranging from 3 months onward, tailored for those yearning to fully immerse themselves in the soul of this extraordinary city or for those seeking a luxurious solution for long-term work-related stays.

The spaces, designed with modern elegance, cherish details that accentuate the venerable history of the ancient walls, offering guests an enveloping experience: customized services thoughtfully curated to meet your needs. Laundry, cleaning, personal shopper, transportation—every facet is attended to ensure maximal comfort in an ambiance that is the epitome of relaxation, making you feel at home.

AR Boutique Apartments is the sophisticated alternative to 5-star hotels in Bergamo, for those who opt for authentic travel and wish to spend an extended period in one of Italy's most captivating destinations.

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From short to long-term stays, whether it's an overnight stop in the city or a month-long mountain retreat, to work-related mobility, AR Concept Life aims to simplify all the steps that separate you from your ideal living situation, offering a heightened sense of comfort. This is innovation in living.

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