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Top gun for a day - Flight simulator

Pilot a 737 and a fighter jet under the guidance of a personal instructor

This 90-minute adventure will let you experience the thrill of piloting a real aircraft, albeit a simulated one. For 60 minutes, you will sit at the controls of a Boeing 737 800 NG Full Motion: under the guidance of an instructor, you will learn basic maneuvers for takeoffs and landings.

Subsequently, for 30 minutes, you will transform into a seasoned "Top Gun" aviator on an F-18/A Hornet fighter jet simulator: after taking off from an aircraft carrier, you'll live an adrenaline-fueled experience featuring low-altitude flights, acrobatics, and the opportunity to understand how to pilot a supersonic aircraft.

The adventure can be shared with two other people, who can watch the flight in the 737 cockpit and follow the Top Gun session from the control room. An activity accessible to everyone, even beginners, to experience the exhilaration of flight without risks.

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